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You plan to manufacture in Vietnam?

Market and Location Analysis, Company Setting up, Operating project and much more…with HOUSELINK
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Understand Vietnamese Market

You are considering to invest a new manufacturing facilities in Vietnam?  For many companies, Vietnam offers the perfect conditions within Asia. The most active country in global integration, low labor costs, high productivity, central location in the heart of ASEAN, good infrastructure, high economic and social stability. HOUSELINK helps you to realize these potentials in your manufacturing project.

  • We suport your project from a quick overview investment enviroment asscessment to detailed macro-economic studies and due diligence to company foundation.
  • Based on a big database about your market we have the ability to help you to check and analyse the market faster and easier before you have any final decisions.

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Find Suitable Location

Choosing the most suitable location for setting up the manufacturing facility where can connect easily with input sources, transportation and targeted clients is very important and is the key point to ensure the success of your investment in Vietnam. With our networks and database we can:

  • Support you to seaching your location from our location leads database.
  • Go along with you to survey site and work with local authorities.
  • Finally, make a report for you to choose the most suitable investment locations.

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Set Up Business

Our networks and partners will support you to complete all procedure to set up your business in Vietnam quickly.
  • Investment procedures guidelines.
  • Enterprise registration, investment licenses, certificates, permits, etc...
  • Legal services.
  • Supporting services (Living & working space, staff recruitment, tax & incentive guidelines, ...).

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Operate Your Project

Through our construction network, HOUSELINK is revolutionizing the way designers and construction professionals work together. Using the latest technology, we connect industry professionals, provide efficient and cost-effective communication and document sharing throughout the preconstruction management process. Keeping your projects on budget and on schedule by using tools which has already been used by all HOUSELINK contractor members.
  • Prequalify builders easily.
  • Send bidding invitation faster and more effectively.
  • Basic design, Survey, Access, Make Budgets, choose right methods and technologies for construction recommended by leading contractors.
  • Take control operation and risks from “Kick off” meeting to “Completion”.

You plan to invest in Vietnam?