What is included in your project leads?

We include up-to-date details on active industrial construction projects. We follow the projects from early planning to early construction. Each report is verified for accuracy and includes the key contacts, scheduling, project details, location, and updates. We report on large industrial construction generally $500,000 and above. We try to give you enough information, depending on where the project is in construction phase, to get your product or service into that building.

How do I evaluate your service?

You can sign-up for our free trial by clicking on the “try it todayl” button above or the "try it today” button on the home page. With our free trial you can chose up to 5 free, live Construction Project Leads– you have 3 days to lo ok at the website and get comfortable with using it. If you need an extended test drive please give us a call at 0966-222-490 or email us; info@houselink.com.vn.

How are report delivered?

Our Construction Project Leads are delivered online at the website and available daily. The reports are easy to view from the “project In-box”. You must be a subscriber to view the reports. We also send you a weekly e-mail on Monday mornings that has the new and updated reports for your subscription.

Can I share my account?

Only if you have a multi-user account. Single user accounts (basic HOUSELINK accounts) cannot be shared due to copyright laws. We have extremely cost effective multi-user accounts that will help you have a solid return on your investment with HOUSELINK. If your company has more than one sales person you would need to be on a corporate account. HOUSELINK reserves the right to turn off any account that is sharing logins without issuing a refund. We do have national corporate accounts. If you need a customized, multi-user account please give us a call at 0966-222-490 or email us info@houselink.com.vn.