Business Leads

We believe that amazing things can happen by just connect with the reliable members.

We build relationship

To develop your business sustainably not just be aproach your targeted projects. We can help you build a long term relationship and trust with partners and potential customers in our networks. Through our Business Leads tool you can easily to identify who is your potential partners or customers you want to build relationship.

  • Reacing the mosst active investors, architects, engineers, consultants, contractors and suppliers working on your targeted projects. See their projects and make connections for curent and future work.
  • Managing key accounts adn monitoring competitor activities
  • Strong support and improve the effectiveness of your marketing programs.

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Type of company:
  • Investors/ Project developers
  • Architects / Engineers / Consultants
  • General Contractors & sub-contractors
  • Manufacturers / Suppliers / Distributors
Information included:
  • Company information, HL number & rating and description
  • Company feature (industry, sub-industry, markets, ...)
  • History finance capacity
  • Products & services
  • Experienced projects
  • Key contact (name, position, phone, email)

Your benefits

Save time & money

to uncover, track and develop potential partners

Make trust

Establish instant trust & crebility

Connecting easily

wtih potential partners

Grow business opportunity

with verified our members

Listing on HOUSELINK

a leading construction community in Vietnam

HL number & rating

appear on the short list of your potential customers

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